“I have lived with my phobia for as long as I can remember and, not only had it become very restrictive, it had become part of my identity. Working with Sal has had such a positive impact on me. With her help and guidance, I now understand where my phobia originated and have been able to completely let it go. I could not recommend her more.”


“My hypnotherapy sessions with Sal have been nothing short of transformative. Her manner is so friendly and welcoming, and she nurtures such a sense of calm. She has helped me to feel both relaxed and focussed whilst sharing some painful memories and her personalised recordings have helped to change me for the better. Thank you Sal, I feel I have finally begun that new chapter in my life.”


“This has changed my life. I have had some big light bulb moments and realised how things had been stopping me from getting on in life and doing everyday stuff without freaking out. I never felt like I was on my own with this, Sal really supported me and her voice is very calm and reassuring. I now feel free of my anxiety in a way I never thought possible. If anyone is reading this and wondering if Cognitive Hypnotherapy is for them, do it. You have everything to gain and I wish I had discovered it earlier. ”


“I had a real issue with confidence and would avoid nights out with friends and work events. I always felt people were judging me for how I looked and for not having much to say. Sal helped me to see that it was me that was judging me and we did some amazing things to help me change the way I was looking at things. We did something called Timeline which had a huge impact on me. I've started to go out more, I am even going on a girls holiday and a festival. I never thought I would ever do those things. My parents and friends can see a big difference in me and I feel AMAZING!!!!! I can have some fun now and do crazy things like go to a music festival. I know it’s probably normal stuff to most people but this is huge leap for me. Never thought it possible".


“I feel a noticeable difference in myself. I have increased clarity of thinking and a boost to my creativity which has been missing for some time. Historically, I have struggled to maintain my mood and wellbeing and blamed myself for everything wrong with my life. Sal has helped me to realise my own self worth and I am now able to say, and believe, the words “I am worthy”.


“I have really struggled with motivation and low self-esteem for as long I can remember. I have had another therapy for many years now which has kept my head above the water so I was not overly keen to start something new. Thankfully I listened to a mutual friend and booked some hypnotherapy with Sal. I now feel confident, composed, assertive and energised. I regret not doing it sooner actually".


“Sal was so kind and never judged me. I said to her at our first session that I just wanted to feel inner peace and now I do. I know that sounds like a cliché. I have learned to be kinder to myself and see that I am not to blame for things in my past. I have been able to forgive some people in my past that I never thought would ever be possible.  During our 3rd session I realised it was something that I wanted to do. It was very emotional and I cried a lot, but it felt good and I literally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I still listen to the recording Sal made for me as I find it comforting to fall asleep to. ”


"After a very difficult year that saw the loss of a close family member, I worked with Sal to try and find ways to cope with my grief and learn how to manage my feelings of anxiety. Using techniques and tools provided we worked through some difficult and often extremely emotional sessions to identify triggers and find methods to better manage my negative mindset. Sals approach was highly effective in helping me to move forward and focus on the positives that life has to offer - can’t recommend enough".


"I've been smoking and vaping for 26 years and I wanted to stop but knew it wasn't the nicotine I was addicted to. Listening to what Sal could offer, I hadn't even thought hypnotherapy could help me. 

I had three sessions which really did go deep with my connection to smoking and after my second session I had completely stopped. Sal's guidance and support made me feel safe and extremely supported. I am very happy I met her".


“Sal helped me on a really challenging journey, with results from our first meeting. Addictions of all sorts creep up on you over time, and you don’t realise the impact they have on those around you. It is easy to be cool …but cooler to be easy. Sal made my challenges easy – thanks so much”.



"I’d like to say that Sal has given me my life back but I’d be lying. What Sal has actually done with her expertise has given me the emotional freedom from childhood trauma to develop a life I’ve never had. I’ll be forever grateful".


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